Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's time now for Akshay and Ajay to tone up for Priyadarshan's next

Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna will be seen in dramatic fight scenes in Priyadarshan's hard-hitting tale of honour killing set in Bihar. And to tone their bodies for the gruelling actions, the actors have got a makeshift gym in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, where the film is being shot.
"I've turned the horrific tale of an actual incident in Bihar of an inter-caste romance into a full-on action movie. See, I wanted to keep it real. At the same time I wanted to make it riveting for the audience," said Priyadarshan.
The filmmaker has relocated a village of Bihar to Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu's Sivaganga district to shoot his inter-caste love story.
"While shooting on location (Karaikudi) I've made my two heroes Ajay and Akshaye Khanna into full-on action heroes. This film has the kind of real stunts never seen in Hindi cinema," the director said.
The two heroes have also started working out to get into right shape at a makeshift gym set up in Karaikudi itself.
"Yes we've a set up a terrific gym in this wilderness. It's been set up in an under-construction building. It has all the equipment. We all work out in it. Ajay and I of course. Paresh Rawal also works out," Bipasha Basu, who will also feature in the movie.
"Akshaye only used to play squash for exercise. Now he's started going to the gym. They need to get into a specific shape for this film," she added.
Priyadarshan has roped in his old action director B Thyagarajan and Francis, a stunt director from South Africa, to devise the action scenes that would take the director's drama into the region of riveting realism.
When I say real action, I mean fight scenes that are the opposite of cable-wired flips somersaults, jumps and leaps. This time Ajay has gone as raw as it can get," the filmmaker said.
The action sequences have both Ajay and Akshaye locked in hand-to-hand combats, and other very basic forms of physical aggression that went out of vogue with the old Kung Fu films.
Doesn't the film take Priyadarshan into a space completely different from his National Award winning Kanchivaram?
"Not at all. That was a different kind of reality. This is different," the director said.

John Bechara Recession ka maara

 If there is one actor who is severely hit by recession and the current economic woes looming Bollywood, it’s John Abraham. Even with his buffed up bod and killer looks, John isn’t considered a safe bet in filmdom - a sign clearly visible by the actor’s nose-diving price and constant battle to bag films.
And joining the long list of closed projects is the actor’s dream film that is now on the brink of being dropped.
The film is question was John Abraham`s much loved project, which was to be directed by his old friend Sabal Shekhawat. But John’s dream came crashing down when the producers Studio 18 backed out of the project citing recession as the reason. However, not willing to let go John is now contemplating to back the project himself.
Our source said, “Studio 18 had loved the subject and John was extremely keen to work on the film. Sabal Shekhawat, who is among the finest ad filmmakers, was supposed to direct the film. John had loved this spy thriller. Everything was set and Sabal was in Turkey finalising the locations when he received a call from Studio 18 saying that they were no longer keen on doing the project due to its budget.”
Confirming the news, a source told a news daily, “Studio 18 wanted to reduce the budget, but Sabal does not want to compromise at all on the creative front. He was of the opinion that the film required a certain mounting and he clearly was not in favour of reducing the budget. John was cool about it as he is committed to Sabal, as the director was the one who gave John his break into modeling. John has now taken it on himself to see to it that the project goes on the floors immediately. In fact, another producer is now set to make the film as well.”
Talking about the film, John said, “Studio or no studio, the film will be made. I have complete faith in Sabal and at no point, will I let him down. I will always stand by him like I do with my directors. There is no question of the film not happening; it is very much on course.”

"Dil Bole Hadippa" gets U/A Certificate

Known for their clean image over the years, Yash Raj Films have carved their own niche in the entertainment industry. In order to woo Box Office success, Yash Raj films never succumbed to sleaze show to garb the public attention but charmed the masses with its clean romantic flicks.
However, with the Yash Raj Films upbeat about its upcoming movie ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’, news has it that the movie has landed with a U/A certificate, all thanks to the skimpy clothes of Sherlyn Chopra and the raunchy antics of drama queen Rakhi Sawant!
It is believed that Yash Raj Films were looking forward to attain the U certificate unlike the U/A as their target audience was family audiences. However, with two sex sirens – Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopa on a skin show spree, the film                                                                                    eventually ended up with a U/A certificate.While talking to a news daily about the U/A certificate, the Regional Officer of Censor Board – Vinayak Azad said, “The film has been given a U/A certificate due to Sherlyn`s onscreen clothes and Rakhi Sawant`s dance number.”

When enquired whether there are any intimate scenes in ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’, Azad added, “There are no high-voltage intimate scenes and no kissing scenes as such. But it features one intimate scene with Sherlyn and the other problem is Rakhi’s clothes in the dance number.”

With Rakhi and Sherlyn branded as the reason behind the U/A certificate of the film, a miffed Sherlyn blasted, "Well, Manish Malhotra is to be blamed for that... He`s dressed me in bikini tops and shorts, which ooze effortless sensuality. And that`s exactly what`s expected of the super model that I play in the film.”

Ranbeer Kapoor not following his Lady love Deepika

Ranbir Kapoor is choosy when it comes to following his co-stars in tinsel town. Apparently he is keeping up with his fans on social networking site Twitter and is also following some B-Town celebs on it. But what is taking everyone by surprise is that he has not yet followed his ladylove Deepika Padukone , who has been twittering much before he started.
The privileged celebs that are on Ranbir’s mind - Mallika Sherawat,Preity ZintaandSonam Kapoor Yes! You read it right, he has given a miss to his ladylove Deepika! On the other hand, Deepika does keep a track on her sweetheart, as she very much follows him on Twitter.
Mallika Sherawat, Preity Zinta and Sonam Kapoor , ahem! Ranbir seems to be really very choosy, but Deepika, does he really have a choice here? Well, it seems yes.
What do you have say on that Deepika?

John is Already married!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not Bollywood actor John Abraham has revealed that he is already married. Well before you let your imagination go too far away let us clear the air and say Bipasha Basu has no reasons to feel cheated. The hunk who revolutionised biking in India with his movie Dhoom said that he had no desires to settle down soon in life as he was already married to his bikes. He added that he would marry Bipasha only after adding four more bikes to his collection.
Buzz up!The New York star was in New Delhi to launch some new bike models from Yamaha Motors. John has been a brand ambassador for the auto giant in India for a years now. John said that he regularly went on honeymoons with his bikes and revealed he doesn't let anyone touch his bike. He candidly added that even girlfriend Bipasha Basu doesn't like sitting behind him as he keeps on complaining about the bike getting scratched