Thursday, September 17, 2009

John is Already married!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not Bollywood actor John Abraham has revealed that he is already married. Well before you let your imagination go too far away let us clear the air and say Bipasha Basu has no reasons to feel cheated. The hunk who revolutionised biking in India with his movie Dhoom said that he had no desires to settle down soon in life as he was already married to his bikes. He added that he would marry Bipasha only after adding four more bikes to his collection.
Buzz up!The New York star was in New Delhi to launch some new bike models from Yamaha Motors. John has been a brand ambassador for the auto giant in India for a years now. John said that he regularly went on honeymoons with his bikes and revealed he doesn't let anyone touch his bike. He candidly added that even girlfriend Bipasha Basu doesn't like sitting behind him as he keeps on complaining about the bike getting scratched

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